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On a budget? Don't get married in these 15 places

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Most expensive places to get married

With summer coming, wedding bells are in the air. And cash registers are dinging right along for budget-busting brides and grooms.

In 2014, 45 percent of couples went over budget on their weddings—and 23 percent of couples didn't have a budget at all, up 6 percentage points from five years ago. That's according to wedding-planning website, which released the results of its eighth annual Real Weddings Survey in March.

With average wedding expenditures rising to $31,213 in 2014, couples are spending more on receptions (think musicians and cake) and increasingly favoring personalized venues like farms and historic buildings over churches and hotels.

"Couples are focusing more on the reception, the details, making this a really big event for their guests—they want to make it worth their while," said Kristen Maxwell Cooper, deputy editor of The Knot. "But on the flip side, you can still do that and cut costs. You don't have to blow your budget."

Couples looking to save big on their wedding might take a second look at geographic location. While the least expensive place to get married, Utah, carries a price tag of more than $15,000, many weddings in the Northeast had an average price north of $40,000 in 2014—including one destination that runs at nearly three times the national average.

Click through to see the 15 most expensive places in the U.S. to get married, determined by The Knot's survey of nearly 16,000 brides who wed in 2014.

—By CNBC's Anita Balakrishnan
Posted 29 April 2015

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