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Here's one way to avoid your ex: download an app

Jessica Morris, special to
Want to avoid your ex? Check out this new app

Apps that help users avoid their exes and other undesirable people are creating a buzz in the tech space.

Recently launched Cloak has garnered nearly a quarter of a million downloads and its rival, Split, has reportedly attracted $1 million in funding.

The new apps pull location data from a range of social networks – such as Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook – in order to map the location of individuals in a user's social network.

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It also lets users mark out individuals they would rather avoid and it will send an alert if they are close.

"You can avoid ex-girlfriends or co-workers if you're taking a sick day" Brian Moore, co-founder of Cloak told CNBC in a TV interview

Cloak launched about a week and a half ago and it has already garnered "somewhere in the realm of 240,000 downloads so far" Moore told CNBC.

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It is currently able to draw location data from Instagram and Foursquare – networks that Moore believes makes it easier to pinpoint a person's location than Twitter and Facebook.

"The location data isn't as good but it's still there so we're actually looking into adding that right now."

Tel Aviv, Israel based tech start-up Split also serves a similar function.

However it is able to draw location data from Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook and has recently attracted $1 million in funding, according to media reports.

The ex-factor

Both founders created the apps after a bad experience and cited running into an ex as the inspiration behind the map.

Moore told CNBC: "It was about four years ago that I moved to New York and ran into my ex-girlfriend four times in six months."

Similarly Split co-founder Udi Dugan told Techcrunch "I ran into two ex-girlfriends in the same night … It was an awful night, really … I said, 'That's too much.' I was really frustrated".

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