Microsoft joins Amazon and Google in cloud price war

Arik Hesseldahl
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Microsoft slashed prices on several of its cloud computing services, it announced on Monday, following through on a standing promise to match Amazon Web Services, which made similar cuts last week.

The software giant made the announcement in a blog post by Windows Azure general manager Steven Martin saying it will slash prices on various services by 27 to 65 percent. "We recognize that economics are a primary driver for some customers adopting cloud, and stand by our commitment to match prices and be best-in-class on price performance," Martin wrote. The move coincided with Microsoft's Build conference taking place this week in San Francisco.

It's the latest move in what's turning out to be a brisk price war for cloud computing services. Last week Amazon announced a broad-based price cut on many portions of its Amazon Web Services by 36 to 65 percent. That came a day after Google slashed prices for its Google Cloud Platform from 32 percent to 85 percent.

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