Funny Business with Jane Wells

Here's what happens when you 'vape' hashish for TV


Here's a little behind-the-scenes slice of a normal day in the news biz. Or maybe I should say a NORML day.

I'm feeling very medicated right now: mCig COO

In a report I did on the marijuana business, I focused on a company called mCig, which sells a hybrid between an electronic cigarette and a joint. Basically, the $10 device takes anything from "dry herb" to oil, heats the substance to the edge of combustion and creates a vapor, or a vapor/smoke combination, that can be inhaled.

To demonstrate the product, we asked mCig COO Mark Linkhorst to heat up some mCigs and vape them on camera. It was all done legally in a medical marijuana setting. Linkhorst is allowed to do this under Washington state law.

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First, there was "take one."

Then we asked him to do it again.

And again.

And once more.

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You can see the entire process condensed in the video clip. The cameraman and I wanted to make sure we had the best shots, not really understanding until the very end how much hashish Linkhorst was ingesting. Finally, after four takes, it dawned on me that perhaps it was time to stop.

"I'm feeling very medicated right now," Linkhorst told me. "A lot more relaxed than before I did the interview."

—By CNBC's Jane Wells