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Donut maker could make you dough: Cramer

Krispy Kreme CEO: Enthused about long-term beverage picture
Krispy Kreme CEO: Enthused about long-term beverage picture

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"That's all I needed to hear," exclaimed Jim Cramer, after talking with Krispy Kreme CEO Jim Morgan.

What was the comment that sparked such an outburst of enthusiasm from the "Mad Money" host?

"When we open a store overseas we can have a line for two or three months." Krispy Kreme products are that popular.

And, as a result, "The number of Krispy Kreme stores should grow at a double digit rate both domestically and internationally for several years or longer," Morgan said.

If you're a Krispy Kreme bull that's exactly what you want to hear.

Krispy Kreme

Growth had been called into question on Wall Street after the last several earnings reports.

"When reported at the beginning of December, customer traffic came in weak and the company gave disappointing guidance," Cramer explained. "Then, Krispy Kreme reported again about a month ago, and traffic again disappointed, actually declining sequentially for the first time in three years."

The metric gave investors pause with shares declining more than 25% since early December.

However, CEO Jim Morgan assured Cramer that the dip in traffic was about unexpected headwinds and not declining interest in products.

"Last quarter we faced some very serious weather, particularly in February, right on our company store footprint," he said. And he added the company was up against tough comps from the year before. "Yet despite all that, we're still predicting positive comps for the year."

All told, "I couldn't feel better about what's happening inside the company," Morgan said.

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Cramer likes the story. "I still regard Krispy Kreme as a terrific brand. Now we've heard there's the possibility of comps picking up and there's a big buy back underway. With the stock well off its highs, it sounds like opportunity to me," Cramer said.

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