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Shrinkflation?! The consumer goods that have downsized


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Shrinkflation?! The consumer goods that have down-sized

No, your hand is not getting bigger. That same chocolate bar you've been eating since you were a kid really has shrunk in size.

Whether it's ice cream, chocolate, cheese or yogurt, CNBC highlights some of the consumer goods that have slimmed down in recent years globally, but have stayed near the same price point.

Why do it? For manufacturers, it's a choice. Rather than increase a product's price and hope the consumer sticks with its brand, some companies have tried size reductions to keep competitive.

Rob Dickerson, senior global packaged food analyst at Consumer Edge Research told CNBC via telephone that he's seen a growing trend in the last three years of these cutbacks in food.

Poor harvests in the U.S., rising supplier costs, growing demand from China and the general fallout from the economic crisis are just some of the reasons Dickerson gives for the squeeze. Each individual nation also has varying factors, he added.

"Food inflation has outpaced wage inflation in the U.S," he said. America's fall in demand is due to the economic malaise after the global financial crash, the reduction in the food stamp program and the increase in payroll taxes, he said.

(Watch the video: How your favorite treat shrank)

—By CNBC's Matt Clinch
Posted 9 April 2014

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