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Cramer & 'Shark Tank' pro: 7 'Say Word' stocks


In his quest for stock ideas, Jim Cramer sometimes turns to entrepreneurs on the cutting edge.

And Cramer says few entrepreneurs are closer to the cutting edge than Daymond John. "He's a fashion designer, founder and CEO of FUBU and a panelist on 'Shark Tank.' "

Renowned for his ability to spot opportunity, John is a celebrated businessman and winner of many prestigious awards, including Brandweek Marketer of the Year.

Daymond John, entrepreneur and Shark on "Shark Tank."
Liza Hughes | CNBC

Although John reviews all kinds of analytics in his quest to find winning firms, he tells Cramer that one of his most effective strategies is to look for, what he calls, the "Say Word" factor, or the special something that gives a company an edge.

"You grow up in my neighborhood and you see something astonishing you go 'Say word!'" he told Cramer during an interview on "Mad Money."

Although John deals with smaller companies on "Shark Tank" that are looking for their big break, he tells Cramer that the "Say Word" strategy can be applied to big, publicly traded firms, too.

Here are some of the companies John dubbed as "Say Word" in his visit to "Mad Money"...

Under Armor
"This company is smoking. Absolutely smoking."

"Even grandma is on Facebook, and it's still cool."

"The stores are so well lit; they draw you likes moths to a flame."

"When you go to the mall, where does Dad go? He goes to Tesla."

"A-list artists are doing shows that can only be found on Netflix."

"They've generated a new delivery of content that we love."

Wells Fargo
"They're launching new initiatives from entrepreneurship—they're onto something."

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"If you really want to beat the market, you have to pay attention to more than just stocks and equity analysts and the CEOs of publicly held companies," Cramer said. "You need to find real experts on subjects that matter to real people, and you need to listen to them."

Daymond John is one such person.

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