Wall Streeters mired in domestic tussle


Sometimes life takes a page out of the soap operas.

The new wife of a chief Wall Street strategist was arrested last month for alleged second-degree aggravated harassment of her husband's ex-wife, who is a top hedge fund exec, the New York Post reports.

On Monday, she has a desk appearance scheduled.

Karolina Albertson and Robert Albertson
Getty Images

The arrest comes as the former spouses, Suzanne Murphy and Sandler O'Neill's Robert B. Albertson, are mired in a battle over the custody of their daughter.

Murphy declined to comment to the Post.

Meanwhile, the attorney for Albertson's new wife, Karolina Albertson, told the Post, "Any claim that Karolina harassed Ms. Murphy is utterly baseless. The allegations are nothing more than sinister tales born out of Murphy's seeming unwillingness to accept the fact her husband has found happiness with a lovely younger woman. The real tragedy here, aside from the fact Mrs. Albertson had to suffer the indignity of arrest and prosecution, is the impact this situation is likely to have on the couple's young child. As is so often the case in these situations, suffer the children."

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