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Wanted: Female gun instructors

'Pistol Packing Ladies' shooting club member Alison practices her skills at the shooting range outside Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Mladen Antonov | AFP | Getty Images

The National Rifle Association and gun ranges around the country are looking for new recruits, and they're turning to women.

According to a report in CNNMoney, there is a growing market for female gun instructors, as the NRA looks to grow its roster from 8,000 NRA-certified women. It's doing so by holding "Women on Target" training clinics around the country, which enlisted 12,000 women in 2013.

Some ranges are even offering 50 percent discounts to females who take the training courses.

"We need more women instructors," Alecs Dean, who has a range in Fort Myers, Fla., told CNNMoney. "They bring a perspective that men don't have when it comes to their self defense. It could be something simple like knowing which side a woman typically carries her purse."

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