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Cramer’s game plan: Disney, Whole Foods & other big plays

Cramer's Game Plan: Look for opportunities

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With interest rates declining after the strong jobs report, Jim Cramer thinks investors should expect the unexpected next week.

"You see, there's simply no way you get a shocking decline in rates after an equally shocking robust hiring report, unless there's something looming," he said. "Investors are a suspicious and conspiratorial lot by nature, so they're always thinking that maybe someone knows something they don't."

Of course, the question is what.

"It could be something as serious as war in the Ukraine, which could have long-term consequences on business, especially if it involves sanctions against Russia," the "Mad Money" host said. "Or it could be something far more benign. Or it could be nothing."

Nobody knows.

Cramer says that's the lens through which pros will view earnings and other catalysts as they put money to work in the week ahead. It could make for a jumpy week.

Here's what's on his radar:

Mon., May 5

On Monday, Cramer will be closely listening to results from Pfizer. "If the market sells off because of unforeseen events everyone's worried about, you could do worse than picking up some Pfizer into any weakness," Cramer said.

Setting tensions in the market aside, Cramer intends to revisit the domestic energy renaissance with earnings from EOG Resources. "I'm eager to hear from EOG, fastest growing major independent oil company on earth. I'll be listening for what they have to say about the Eagle Ford, where they're huge, as well as the Bakken and the Permian."

Elsewhere in the market, Cramer will be looking at the price action in Channel Advisor and after earnings for insights into the market's appetite for former high-fliers. "Any strength in either stock on the next day could reignite all these Internet plays that have been hammered mercilessly but got a one day reprieve yesterday thanks to the post-earnings rally in Yelp. Remember, though, it's Facebook that's actually the cheapest on earnings."

Tues., May 6

Again, Cramer will be looking at the market's appetite for growth, this time as FireEye reports earnings. "This top-notch cyber-security company has traded down from $97 two months ago to $40 today. Yet FireEye has been delivering. Unfortunately, there's been some vicious insider selling and that's hurt the stock more than the fundamentals have helped."

Cramer will then turn attention to Disney earnings. "I'm looking for a huge number from Disney, but so is everyone else, because "Frozen" was such a monster hit. Two quarters ago Disney reported a fabulous quarter and it got hammered. Last quarter was equally fabulous, and the stock soared. Here's what I'd do: if Disney comes down on Monday, I would pick some up before the report. Don't forget, I suspect the always bankable CEO Bob Iger will start talking about the new Star Wars franchise on this conference call, and that's going to be huge."

Also Tuesday, Cramer will be sifting through results from Whole Foods. "The stock can't get out of its own way, in part because people fear that they'll have to cut guidance due to competition. If they don't, here's my suggestion: perhaps pick up some Hain Celestial, which reports Thursday or WhiteWave, which also comes out Thursday, as I expect both to be very strong quarters. I'd also grab some Sprouts, a boutique Whole Foods, which reports Wednesday after the close."

On top of all that, Cramer will also be watching for commentary from First Solar as it reports earnings. " I'm looking to hear that First Solar is putting together a new company with a good yield that can be a conservative solar growth utility stock."

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Wed., May 7

On Wednesday, Cramer will turn his attention to biotech. "We get results from Allergan before the opening. Allergan has become the target of a hostile takeover bid. I'll be listening to hear talk of what they may do to stay independent or how they may seek a buyer more to their liking."

Thurs., May 8

Again, biotech will land front and center on Thursday. "I'd be careful when Regeneron reports on Thursday. This stock has been a huge long-term winner, but biotech's been a real short-term loser lately, and I don't want you to give back any of your gains here."

Cramer will also pay attention to online travel with earnings from Priceline. "You need to know that this stock, one of my favorites, is not for the squeamish. It almost always gets hit right after it reports. If you can't handle that, take profits ahead of the quarter. If you can, prepare yourself to buy more."

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Fri., May 9

On Friday, Cramer will take the temperature of luxury retail with results from Ralph Lauren. "Judging by how well Esteé Lauder and VF Corp, two other high-enders, are doing, I bet Ralph Lauren's going to be a terrific buy ahead of the quarter."

Also, Cramer will be looking for strength in the niche 3D printing stocks as an opportunity to sell. "We're going to hear from Stratasys," Cramer said. "If it delivers the quarter, I'd sell into strength because I think the whole group has way overstayed its welcome."

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