Rumor surfaces of Apple making smart ear buds

Apple's current version of the EarPods. Apple is rumored to add biometrics to their next release of EarPods.
David Caudery | Tap Magazine | Getty Images

Is a smart ear bud in Apple's future?

All-things Apple site MacRumors found a post on anonymous website Secret, allegedly from a former Apple employee, claiming that the company is working on a set of ear buds that has, among other things, biometric sensors.

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All kinds of product rumors appear on Secret, so why should this one be given any credence?

MacRumors notes that a patent Apple filed in 2007 for biometric sensors included a product drawing of something that is clearly meant to be worn in the ears.

See the whole report at MacRumors.

5/5 UPDATE: Turns out this is a hoax. The author of the post on Secret confessed that he made it up, thought it would be interpreted as a joke, and has never worked for Apple. He (?) is still remaining anonymous, though.