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Seriously, toast? The artisanal food backlash

Artisanal toast is a new food trend. Or is it bruschetta?
Lauri Patterson | Vetta | Getty Images

From cupcakes to cronuts, foodies get really enthusiastic about food trends. Farm-to-table. Pork fat. Bacon ice cream!

The latest hipster food fad to emerge is artisanal toast. We kid you not. And don't dare call it a crostini or bruschetta.

San Francisco restaurants have been serving high-quality, crispy bread with "small batch" toppings, and the New Yorker recently set out to unearth the trend's source.

Adding fuel to the fire have been food blogs deriding and parodying the "wonder" of sliced bread. One article suggested "TIY" or toast it yourself with options including fireplaces, blowtorches and clothes dryers, the New Yorker reported.

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