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Nix those bad smoking habits with this smart lighter

Quitbit: A smart lighter to help you quit smoking?

Kicking that smoking habit can be quite challenging, but now there's a new device aimed at making it easier.

The Quitbit, which acts as a smart lighter, works with a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices to help a user better understand their smoking habits, co-founder Takuji Nakano said. The app can show its users how much money they are saving by cutting back on their smoking.

The smart lighter also has a digital display that can be used to set a pace for cutting back on cigarette smoking. The display also reveals the time a user last smoked and the number of cigarettes consumed during the day. Users can even set the lighter to automatically shut off once they've reached their daily cigarette limit.

The device, which runs off a rechargeable battery, can last a week and is compatible with e-cigarettes.

If crowd-funding through Kickstarter permits, Quitbit expects to make its device available for sale next year for $149. Prices for nicotine patches cost start around $16 .

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro.