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Scenes From Hurricane Sandy

Scenes From Hurricane Sandy

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Scenes From The Storm

More than a year after Hurricane Sandy devastated swaths of the East Coast, the impact of the worst storm in generations is still being felt. Much of Atlantic City's iconic boardwalk, parts of which were crushed by the storm, has been revitalized. Still, many small businesses are still feeling Sandy's after-effects.

With the start of the U.S. hurricane season just days away, New Jersey is still grappling with the issue of who pays for storm recovery—and how much. Some parts of the country have already been walloped by extreme weather, a timely reminder of the devastation a single storm could wreak on a still recovering region.

Sandy was blamed for at least 59 deaths, according to The Associated Press. Meanwhile, some are estimating the economic impact of the storm to be between $30 billion and $50 billion.

In New York, the state legislature passed property tax relief for Hurricane Sandy victims. Across the river in New Jersey, state officials are debating whether millions in federal recovery funds were allocated properly.

Updated May 22, 2014

Photo: Victor J. Blue | Bloomberg | Getty Images