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Hotel sues anonymous TripAdvisor reviewer in defamation claim

Lincoln City, Oregon.
Richard Cummins | Lonely Planet Images | Getty Images

A beach-town hotel has filed a $74,500 defamation lawsuit as it seeks to find reviewer "12Kelly" over a negative review, The Oregonian reported.

The Ashley Inn, owned by the Lincoln City Lodging Limited Partnership, took issue with an April review that stated "laundry and housekeeping are either high or drunk" and claimed "the owner smokes weed" and "front desk had phone sex with someone," according to the hotel's suit filed with the Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Earlier this year, the Oregon Court of Appeals said the owners of a wedding venue could sue a wedding guest who posted a Google Review claiming an event at that location was "The worst experience of my life!"

Read the full story at The Oregonian.

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