Personal Finance

College parents, we want to hear from you


Do you have a student in college, or heading that way? If so we'd like to hear from you about setting a budget for spending money.

College isn't cheap by any measure, but even after tuition, books, and room and board, students need money.

How do you set a budget for your college student? Do you transmit a regular monthly sum? Have they worked for all their spending money? Or is it a combination?

We'd also like to hear from you if your student has had money problems. Did he or she make friends who have expensive tastes? Is living in a city proving costly than expected? Are there a few too many Starbucks runs and late night pizzas? And if your student did run into problems, how did he or she get back on track?

If you'd like to share your story, please get in touch. And please include your name, your student's name and college, and your address.