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The issue with next gen consoles

Christina Medici Scolaro
Tech Yeah! 'Watch Dogs' arrives

Gamers have waited two years for the release of next generation video game, "Watch Dogs." The reviews are out but one common theme amongst them is that "Watch Dogs" is not very original and is reminiscent of games already in the market.

"People copy what was successful, what came before. I think 'Watch Dogs' is very similar to a lot of games like 'Grand Theft Auto' and other games that had the same run around the big city and solve crimes and do things kind of game," said Dan Ackerman senior editor at CNET. "At least its like the smarter summer blockbusters, like 'Godzilla' or 'Inception,' in that it takes the very familiar and adds sort of a smart new twist. In this case you're using your hacking skills and brainy stuff rather than shooting and cutting people over the head," he added.

Watch Dogs video game still
Source: Watch Dogs

Brainy new twist or not, the question remains: What can these console companies do to transform the experience beyond hardcore gamers? Streaming video, cable TV and workout trackers come to mind when thinking about a broader audience.

"Nintendo did very well with the Wii, and Microsoft I think has done an especially good job of appealing beyond gamers by adding more multimedia functions especially to the new Xbox 1," Ackerman said.

Broader appeal aside, who is the leader in the industry these days? One thing is certain, it changes all the time. Microsoft was the leader of the last gen audience, but it's Sony this time around.

"I feel like this happens every time there's a new series of consoles. The guy who was the leader last time in the PlayStation generation, it was Sony, kind of stumbles the next time because they get a little too full of themselves," Ackerman said.

By CNBC's Christina Medici Scolaro.

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