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A stock pick that landed Regis a summer internship

Einhorn invites Regis Philbin to intern

The hardest working man in show business may just have landed a summer internship at a hedge fund.

Television legend Regis Philbin's winning stock pick in Micron drew the attention of Greenlight Capital's David Einhorn Wednesday on CNBC's "Fast Money."

"I have an idea for you," Einhorn told Philbin on the show. "You did such a good job finding Micron, and then it doubled, and I thought it was good. And then I thought maybe I could take your advice for the summer, and I was wondering where trying to get some young blood in at Greenlight, some young minds and I was wondering if you want to come intern for the summer."

Philbin replied, "Exactly what I've got – some young blood."

No official word yet on whether Philbin would accept – nor what his starting salary would be.

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Micron has more than doubled since Philbin told CNBC in September 2013 that he was sticking with the stock, forecasting that it would go to "$20 or more."

It closed at $28.61 per share Wednesday.

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Einhorn said that he saw more potential in the stock.

"It's a volatile stock, and very subject to going down a few dollars here or there," he said. "But we think the business there has fundamentally changed, and we think the consensus estimates are dramatically too low. And the quality of the business is high, higher than people think and we think there is still a lot more upside to go."

By CNBC's Bruno J. Navarro. Follow him on Twitter @Bruno_J_Navarro.

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