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Dennis Gartman: Buy bonds on any dips

Bond market going up: Gartman

Bonds and stocks will continue to move in tandem, and investors should buy any and all pullbacks in bonds, according to Dennis Gartman of "The Gartman Letter."

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Gartman said Wednesday that as pension and endowment funds rebalance their holdings to account for the recent run-up in equities, bonds will continue to get a bid.

The dual move has caused some confusion to investors, Gartman said, as Treasury yields continue to fall. "The bond market is going up, yields are going up, it's caused a great deal of confusion to people," he said.

Gartman added that he doesn't expect the bond rally to end any time soon.

"As long as stocks continue to go up, you may continue to see portfolios, endowments, and pension funds continue to be a liquidator of the stock market and a buyer of the bond market," he said.

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When asked whether the liquidation of equities by big funds could cause stock prices to slide, Gartman said he doesn't think that will be the case.

"There's plenty of money out there, there's a lot of liquidity, the Fed is still there … enough to take up the stock market. The market will stop when it stops, not a moment before. It continues to want to go higher," he said.

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