Need Christmas decor? This store already has it

StudioBarcelona | iStock / 360 | Getty Images

Summertime is almost here, so it's time to stock up on all the warm-weather essentials.

Sunscreen? Check. Beach towel? Check. Christmas decorations?

For those shoppers looking to get a really early start on their holiday shopping, arts and crafts shop Hobby Lobby broke out the candy canes and ornaments last week, before the calendar even switched over to June.

A Consumerist reader sent a photo to the publication, asking, "Seriously??? Christmas creep before June??"

Consumerist noted Hobby Lobby's Christmas rollout has inched earlier over the years. In 2008, the store started selling Christmas trees in August. In 2009, it kicked off its holiday selling in July. And in 2010, it started selling Christmas wreaths in June.

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