LinkedIn censors posts about Tiananmen

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In keeping with a long tradition of American internet companies struggling to please Beijing's censors, LinkedIn is apparently blocking references to Tiananmen Square.

Quartz reports that LinkedIn users "both inside and outside of mainland China have reported that posts containing references to Tiananmen have been blocked." The social and professional networking site launched in China earlier this year, and it is apparently (although not necessarily intentionally) taking Beijing's censorship policy global.

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A Hong Kong legislator, Charles Mok, reported that his Tiananmen-related post was blocked because of what LinkedIn said were "specific requirements within China to block certain content."

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Although Hong Kong is owned by China, it technically has separate freedom of speech laws owing to the "one country, two systems" agreement established by the transfer of sovereignty from British rule in 1997. LinkedIn apparently neglected the legal differentiation.

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A LinkedIn spokesperson told Quartz that "the company sent a mistaken notification advising a small number of users in Hong Kong that their Tiananmen Square-related content was blocked, but that LinkedIn did not actually block content outside of China."

—By CNBC staff

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- This story has been updated to changes the headline to reflect a statement from LinkedIn that states if a member is outside China, they can post about Tiananmen and those posts will appear everywhere except China.