Road Warrior

PEOPLExpress tickets go on sale, with fees for even coffee and tea

PEOPLExpress jet at Newport News/Williamsburg airport.
Source: Ted Kitchens for PEOPLExpress

The days of the airline stewardess joke—"coffee, tea, or me?"—are gone in more ways than one.

Tickets from $59 went on sale Wednesday afternoon for PEOPLExpress, the new airline that seeks to capitalize on the goodwill for the name of one the first low-budget airlines that disappeared decades ago amid industry consolidation. But with its new a la carte pricing for everything from overhead bin space to coffee, tea and water, unprepared fliers may be in for sticker shock.

All of the airline's flights will be in and out of its hub at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport in Virginia, with only three destinations when it starts flying June 30. The airline's two daily round-trip flights to Newark, New Jersey, will start with base fares from $76 each way; a daily round-trip to Boston will cost $76 each way; and its daily round-trip to Pittsburgh will cost $59 each way.