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10 best-selling video games (so far) of 2014

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The next generation of consoles is starting to shake up the sales charts.

With the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there's a new mid-year sales leader in the videogame industry—and it's not Call of Duty for a change.

This year's list, in fact, is full of changes—perhaps none so remarkable as the strong showing of Lego. A pair of games based on the children's toys are among the top-selling titles so far in 2014. And Minecraft, the little indie game that became a juggernaut (selling over 15 million copies life-to-date), has shoved some familiar franchises off the list.

Rankings for this mid-year list were taken from sales figures from January through the end of April, the most recent reporting period for The NPD Group.

Due to agreements with publishers, NPD does not publicly release hard sales numbers. But the rankings show that players are eager for new experiences, something that's bound to be encouraging to game publishers rolling out new intellectual properties in the next few months and years.

—By CNBC's Chris Morris

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