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Brands rush to capitalize on Suarez's World Cup bite

This combo of 2 photos shows Italy's defender Giorgio Chiellini (L) showing an apparent bitemark and Uruguay forward Luis Suarez (R) holding his teeth after the incident during the Group D football match between Italy and Uruguay at the Dunas Arena in Natal during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on June 24, 2014.
Daniel Garcia | AFP | Getty Images

It used to be that capitalizing on violence was seen as unseemly in marketing—until, that is, a soccer player apparently bit one of his opponents.

The incident occurred in the Uruguay-Italy game Tuesday, when Uruguay's Luis Suarez—previously punished during his career for getting toothy on the field—appeared to take a chomp out of the shoulder of Italy's Giorgio Chiellini.

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While the sporting element on Twitter consumed itself with what punishment Suarez may receive, brands fell all over themselves to take advantage of the traffic.

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