Breakfast at Tiffany's? No. Lunch with billionaire

Chinese billionaire philanthropist Chen Guangbiao, chairman of Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources Utilization.

It certainly isn't breakfast at Tiffany's, but New York's homeless are getting something pretty darn close.

A Chinese recycling billionaire has promised $300 and a high-priced lunch to 250 residents of Manhattan's shelters at the Boathouse restaurant in Central Park, according to NBC New York.

As guests lunch on sesame-seed encrusted tuna, beef filet, and berries with creme fraiche, host Chen Guangbiao, will serenade them by singing "We are the World."

Chinese tycoon invites homeless to lunch

Guangbiao, 46, says that he is trying to deconstruct the image of wealthy Chinese spending too much on luxuries by having this event.

Guangbiao also attempted to buy The New York Times earlier this year. The newspaper's chairman, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., informed him it was not for sale.

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