Want to cash in on Uber’s success? Do this, pro says

How to make money off Uber now
How to make money off Uber now

Investors may not be able to directly cash in on Uber's success, but can instead look at companies it will be disrupting, said Leigh Drogen, founder and CEO of Estimize Research.

Those names include car rental companies such as Hertz and Avis.

"These are long-term plays, obviously. Uber is not going to disrupt these companies overnight, but when you look four, five years out, something like playing it with leaps, I think this is a play you want to take a look at," Drogen told CNBC's "Street Signs."

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Uber is valued at $18.2 billion, and although CEO Travis Kalanick will not reveal the company's revenue, he told the Wall Street Journal it is at least doubling every six months.

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Uber has also been the target of protesting taxi drivers and some states that are looking at the possibility of clamping down on the business. That publicity, however, appears to be helping the company's bottom line—it reported an 850 percent jump in sign-ups for the service two weeks ago.

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Drogen said another possible way to profit off Uber's success is shorting Medallion Financial, which finances loans used to purchase taxi medallions. Uber bypasses the medallion system.

"It's obviously a very thin stock. You have to pay 7 percent to short it. So it's a tough play but it's definitely going to get disrupted," he said.

"As Uber disrupts more and more taxi companies in each city, you are going to have less people buying medallions and therefore the company is going to do worse."

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He noted that the short interest of TAXI shares has already risen 244 percent year-to-date, while the stock price has fallen 19 percent.

—By CNBC's Michelle Fox. CNBC's Jackie O'Sullivan contributed to this report.