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High-tech gadgets that make grilling easy

Tech Yeah! High-tech gadgets for grilling

With grill season upon us, there are a few gadgets that may be worth considering when cooking up those summer meals.

Here are a few standouts recommended by Trae Bodge, senior editor of

The Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot can be used by consumers who are not big fans of cleaning the grill. For a hefty $130, the rechargeable gadget will automatically do the job of scraping up any leftover BBQ residue on the grill with just the press of a button.

Another grill gadget to consider is the BBQ Dragon, which fires oxygen directly onto the grill to help start the fire, Bodge said. That device is priced at $50.

Trae also noted iDevices' iGrill2, a high-tech device that helps monitor the temperature of your food.

That item, for about $100, syncs via Bluetooth with any iOS device. A user simply needs to insert the steel probe into the center of the meat or fish and can oversee the grilling process on their phone or tablet. Once the poultry is finished cooking, the device will send a notification to the iOS device, Bodge said.

Folks looking for a cheaper iDevice option can consider the iGrill Mini for $40, she added.

By CNBC's Erika Santoro

Additional reporting by Devin Hance