Meet the Domino's pizza delivery car of the future

What's cooking at Domino's beside the pizza?

The pizza chain has unveiled a new type of delivery car called the DXP that comes with a built-in pizza warmer and extra-large drink holders.

Facebook: Domino's Pizza, Fort Smith, AR

"It has a side door to store pizzas and it has places to put 2-liters and other items that sometimes might move around in most vehicles. It keeps them secure. It's laid out especially for delivery drives," said Mike McDaniel, general manager at a Domino's Pizza, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, during a phone interview

Domino's unveiled the car at a franchisee event earlier this month.

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"Everyone had, I think, the same feeling—they really liked it and were excited about it," McDaniel said.

In late 2012, Domino's revealed the winner of a contest to design a pizza delivery vehicle though the DXP looks much different.

The corporate office of Domino's Pizza was not immediately available for comment.

To see more photos of the delivery vehicle, click here.

—By CNBC's Katie Little