Prince Harry about to become $17 million richer

Prince Harry meets members of the public outside Valpariso Firestation on June 28, 2014 in Valpariso, Chile.
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Looks like for Prince Harry, there are some perks that come with turning 30.

According to the Daily Mirror, Prince Harry is scheduled to receive £10 million (US$17 million) on Sept. 15, when he celebrates his 30th birthday. The money is an inheritance from his late mother Princess Diana, and it is the same amount his brother William received when he turned 30.

But Prince Harry's royal status doesn't grant him any favors with the taxman. He will have to pay up like any other person.

The report estimates the taxes due at around £4 million (US$6.8 million), but savvy tax strategies, including donating a portion to charity, could reduce the amount owed.

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—By CNBC staff