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Europe trip gives Cramer domestic stock idea


Jim Cramer loves stocks so much, that even on vacation in Europe, he was looking for stock ideas.

And, it should come as no surprise, he found something.

That is, while traveling on holiday through Vienna, Budapest and Prague, Cramer couldn't help but notice how many Starbucks were bustling with locals and visitors enjoying a cup of joe, side by side.

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"Whether it was the jammed at the Vienna train station, the fantastic one across from the main church courtyard in Budapest, or the fabulous one outside of the mighty castle in Prague, I was blown away by their drawing power," Cramer said. "However, none could match the crowd at the Starbucks next to Hotel Sacher in Vienna's main drag."

And while sipping on his favorite drink, Cramer noticed the ways in which Starbucks resonated with its customers; people of all ages and nationalities.

"It got me thinking that Starbucks really knows Europe," Cramer said. Not only the tastes and aesthetics but the real estate as well. "There wasn't a beautiful spot that didn't have a Starbucks; and each store fit nicely with the environment."

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Of course, Cramer would never advocate buying a stock on anecdotal observations such as these. "I don't believe anecdotal observations make for sound investing, however, I do believe they can inform an outlook," Cramer said. "And in the case of Starbucks, it provides another reason why Starbucks merits a premium to rivals."

Cramer has been a Starbucks bull for quite some time, and it will come as no surprise that he's a buyer. But after his travels, he said, "Starbucks may have more game than even I thought."

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