Product Recalls

Graco recalls parts for 1.9 million car seats


A problematic harness buckle prompted Graco to recall approximately 1.9 million of its infant car seats manufactured between July 2010 and May 2013 following the results of an investigation.

The investigation into seats produced by Graco Children's Products, which cooperated with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the inquest, was prompted by consumer concerns about being unable or hardly able to open the car seats' buckle.

Graco Recall: 403,000 More Child Car Seats Added To Last Month's Recall.

Graco said that it would "take this responsibility seriously" in a recent press release and has encouraged consumers to order a free buckle replacement kit and replace the old part as soon as the delivery arrives.

Pending the arrival of a new buckle, the company maintains that the recalled seats are still usable pending no alternative options.

Consumers can verify if their car seat is affected by the recall and order a replacement kit by entering the model name and date of manufacture on

Customers that don't qualify for the recall will also be able to update their buckles for free.

-- By Staff