Don't fasten seat belts: Airlines and standing-only sections?

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Standing-only sections on planes could reduce airfare ticket pricing 44 percent, a new study finds.

An airline that removes seats can fit about 20 percent more passengers, according to the study published in the International Journal of Engineering and Technology, the Los Angeles Times reported. However, major carriers and the Federal Aviation Administration say that due to federal regulations this idea just won't fly. Under current standards, passengers are required to fasten seat belts during takeoffs, landings, and when instructed by the pilot.

"You can't have a seat belt without a seat," FAA spokesman Ian Gregor told the LA Times.

Others argued that this idea will not come to pass because air travelers simply won't stand for it. Comfort is a priority with customers and the study's author—Fairuz I. Romili—said passengers would probably only be able to stand for flights shorter than three hours.

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—By CNBC Staff