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Italian village for sale… on eBay!


The listing of obscure items on online auction site eBay is nothing new, but one Italian seller has gone a step further, putting a whole Alpine village up for sale.

The picturesque village of Calsazio, listed on eBay Italy, comes with a "Buy It Now" price tag of just 245,000 euros ($333,000).

Borgata Calsazio alpine village is for sale on eBay.
Source: eBay

The village includes 14 homes, with a total of more than 50 rooms, and is located around 50 km (31 miles) from Turin, in the north west of Italy.

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The seller—who calls themselves it2014.piemo, and only joined eBay on July 5—described the village as having a "strategic location", with the potential for development into tourist accommodation or a restaurant.

The price tag might appeal to some European buyers, especially those in Britain, who are battling ever-escalating house prices.

The cost of the average home in the U.K., for instance, has risen to £188,903 ($323.314), according to Nationwide—just below the cost of the whole village of Calsazio (at £194,500).

But—perhaps unsurprisingly—there is a catch: the village's stone houses need significant renovation work, which must meet various architectural and historical criteria.

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This alpine village can be yours for only EUR 245.000,00 on eBay.
Source: eBay

The sale of the village is being assisted by Italy's National Union of Mountain Towns and Communities (UNCEM).

"Calsazio lends itself well to an intervention by a private individual who can buy properties, and with a general recovery program, develop them," UNCEM said on its website.

The village has been listed on eBay in a "used" condition, and returns will not be accepted.

—By CNBC's Katrina Bishop