Major bug strikes Google's new Android Wear smartwatches

Google is encountering a different kind of buzz than it meant to generate with its latest release.

The Android Wear smartwatch platform, released just this week, already has a major bug, technology sites including Engadget and Android Police reported.

Video still from GoogleMobile Android Wear promotion.
Source: GoogleMobile | YouTube
Video still from GoogleMobile Android Wear promotion.

While most of the apps for the newly released platform are free, an encryption problem within paid apps makes the smart watch operating system unable to install them.

The Android Wear system installs apps via Bluetooth streaming from Android phones, uploading a micro-sized version of each from the phone to the watch. With paid apps, however, the device-specific key encryption causes a roadblock that the watches can't recognize, therefore preventing installation.

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Google has not made any public comment on the malfunction so far.

For the full story from Android Police, click here.