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Twitter & 11 other earnings Cramer wouldn’t miss

A lot more listening, a lot less buying: Cramer

Ready for the week ahead? Jim Cramer is. And he sees plenty of money making opportunities scattered across almost every sector of the market. Following are the events on Cramer's calendar.

Mon., July 28

On Monday Cramer will be looking for insights on the global economy contained in the Cummins earnings report. "Buyers have begun to retreat from the broadly. I think that's because they're worried about a potential slowdown in Europe if the conflict in Ukraine worsens. I'll be looking to hear if Cummins confirms that those fears are justified. If they are, I'd pull in my horns on the sector. "

Also Cramer will be ready for some unexpected drama on Monday as Herbalife reports earnings. After the assault launched by who has bet against the company, Cramer says, "it's time to let the facts speak for themselves. I want to hear what Herbalife has to say."

Tues., July 29

On Tuesday, Cramer will again be seeking more commentary on the economy, this time as UPS reports earnings. "I really want to hear how they describe commerce conditions around the world. Along with FedEx, UPS is a great tell for both the U.S. and global economies. There should be some great information on this call."

Also Tuesday, Cramer will be eagerly sifting through earnings from Twitter. "I think this one could be very problematic because Facebook delivered such a great number and Twitter could suffer by comparison. Frankly, I wouldn't recommend buying Twitter until it drops back to $29, a huge decline from these levels. Until then, just stick with Facebook. "

Elsewhere in the market, Cramer intends to focus on results from two restaurants stocks, Buffalo Wild Wings and Panera Bread. "In this earnings period the doggy stocks get doggier while the winners keep winning. I think that's how these two will go. Buffalo's stock has been very strong of late while Panera just hit a 52 week low."

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Wed., July 30

On Wednesday, Cramer wants to hear from Whole Foods to see if the stock may start to rally again, after a 3 month decline of nearly 30 percent. "This is a case of wait and see," Cramer said. "Believe me, if it's a good number, you'd rather pay up afterwards than jump the gun. I'm all ears on this one."

Also Cramer will be closely watching results from Yelp, which he thinks may present an opportunity, if you're nimble. With chatter increasing about potential consolidation in this space, "I think Yelp could be a tempting takeover target. So if Yelp gets hit after the quarter, I say it's a strategic buy."

In addition Cramer will be watching how the IPO of Synchrony prices, which is currently scheduled for Wednesday, after the close. Shares will then begin trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SYF. Although Cramer is cautious of IPOs broadly, in this case, "I think it might actually be worth participating in." That's because Synchrony is the consumer financial spin-off from General Electric.

"I think GE wants the buyers of this IPO to win. The reason? Because GE will still own the lion's share of Synchrony, which is why I bet they want the deal to be received positively so that when the rest is spun out there will be some natural buyers who still have a good taste in their mouths from the first bite. I'd put in for some Synchrony with your broker if you hear it's coming in at the low end of the range. "

Thurs. July 31

On Thursday the energy complex will land squarely on Cramer's radar as Exxon reports its quarter. "Exxon matters, and if it gets hammered, the whole oil patch will, too, even if many others in the space have real growth. In the event of related weakness, you know I like the independents including Apache, which reports the same day. "

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Cramer will also be sifting through results from GoPro on Thursday. "I'd think this company's first quarter could be very strong. In fact, it would be a little mind boggling if it weren't." If you're a trader who moves in and out of positions somewhat quickly, then, "It might be worth a trade going into the number," Cramer said.

Fri., Aug 1

On Friday Cramer will be parsing through results from both Clorox and Procter & Gamble, two stocks he calls bond alternatives, or stocks that attract investors for yield because Treasury rates are so low. "There's a twist here, though. Friday morning also brings the non-farm payroll report and that will influence rates. I think employment's getting stronger and rates should eventually rise, although that sure hasn't happened yet. However, I want to be careful with Clorox and Procter because if rates finally go higher, both stocks will probably get hammered if they fail to deliver."

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