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This dog’s life: Sniffing out bedbugs

Sniffing out bed bugs
Sniffing out bed bugs

When Roscoe, a 5-year-old rescue beagle, wakes up in the morning it's right to training and then he goes to work. His job—sniffing out bedbugs.

The lead canine inspector for Bell Environmental, based in New Jersey, can hit 4-5 residences in a day, or one 30,000-square-foot office. He performs thousands of inspections a year.

The rise of bedbugs has led to the popularity of using dogs to hunt down the critters.

Roscoe the bedbug dog.
Source: Bell Environmental

Jennifer Erdogan, Roscoe's handler, said the dog is 98 percent accurate, echoing a 2008 study by the University of Florida that found detector dogs were 95 percent to 98 percent accurate during controlled experiments.

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However, some doubt the accuracy of bedbug sniffing-dogs and think they can deliver false-positive results.

Erdogan said the Roscoe's work is checked by humans.

"The handler will inspect the area that he alerts, so we will look for bedbug activity like fecal spotting, live bedbugs, casings, where they alert," she said.

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It should be noted, no bedbugs were found at CNBC's headquarters.

—By CNBC's Michelle Fox