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Best and worst stocks with strong U.S. dollar: Pro

Avoid companies with international exposure: Pro

In light of the U.S. dollar hitting 10-month highs this week, Bespoke Investment Group's Paul Hickey told CNBC's "Fast Money" to avoid companies with international exposure and focus on companies with domestic exposure.

Hickey recommended Republic Services and Wells Fargo as two ways to benefit from the , as both generate 100 percent of their revenue domestically.

"Republic is 25 percent owned by Bill Gates, 100 percent of revenue comes from the Unites States and as you can see household formation increase, you're going to see more people throwing away garbage and more of a demand for their services," Hickey said Wednesday.

On the flipside, Hickey recommended staying away from both Boeing and Estee Lauder, as only 43 percent and 42 percent, respectively, of their revenue comes from the United States.

"You want to look at companies with international exposure but also look at companies that have really increased their international exposure over the last few years because they're more susceptible to weakness here," said Hickey.

By CNBC's Leanne Miller