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Digital dining: Tech revolutions in the food industry

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Digital dining—tech revolutions in the food industry

Is your cutlery clever? Can it check for levels of harmful bacteria? Does it know how many pesticides and nutrients there are in the food you eat? Can it also emit negative ions to help keep the food fresh?

This may be the stuff of science fiction movies, but the innovations above are just a few examples of the technology trends that are taking hold in the food industry.

Social apps that are bringing diners closer together and helping them understand where food is sourced from, while restaurateurs and product manufacturers are re-thinking the industry for the digital age.

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The knock-on effect? If successful, digital dining promotes busier restaurants, more productive home cooking and bigger profits for those companies willing to experiment.

CNBC highlights some of the key trends in the food industry in 2014.

By's Matt Clinch

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