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Former Apple employee Sam Sung is cashing in for charity

Apple Inc. employee Sam Sung auctions off his business card on eBay.
Source: Sam Sung | eBay

A man named Sam Sung no longer works for Apple, but he is still looking to cash in on the irony—for charity, at least.

Sung, a former specialist at Apple stores in Canada, is auctioning off his viral business card on eBay to help benefit The Children's Wish Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with serious illnesses.

The current bid for the business card? More than $1,000 and climbing quickly. The lucky winner will not only receive the card, but Sung's old uniform and lanyard, as well.

The Internet went wild in 2012 after hearing a guy bearing the name of Apple's biggest competitor was actually working for Apple. Sung didn't say much at the time because of Apple's strict media policy. But after CNBC learned in 2013 that Apple and Sam Sung had parted ways, he reached out to CNBC and agreed to share more about his experiences at the tech giant.

"My friends thought [my name] was ironic," Sung told CNBC in an email, "but it was never a big deal internally at work."

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When Huffington Post reporter Andree Lau visited a Vancouver-based Apple store before Thanksgiving 2012 to confirm Sung's identity, it propelled him, or at least his name and business card, into social media stardom.

"I have to be honest, when it all first happened I was just worried about keeping my job," Sung said. "Apple was great about it though and offered any measure to make me feel safe and comfortable."

So why leave Apple? "I had a wonderful experience with the company, but it was time to fall from the tree and roll away from the orchard," Sung said, poetically.

Sung never met former CEO Steve Jobs but says Jobs' passing was overwhelmingly sad. "I remember being quite surprised at how sad I felt given that I'd never met him," he explained, adding that he thinks current CEO Tim Cook is doing great things with Apple.

Sung, now 25 years old, left Apple to join recruitment firm Holloway Schulz in July 2013.

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"I don't think we're supposed to keep any of that stuff [featured in the auction] but working for Apple was honestly one of the funnest jobs I've had and I wanted to keep it as a memento," Sung said.

(If Apple wants to buy the items back, it would hardly dent the company's $164 billion cash pile.)

Would Sung ever take a job at Samsung? "I think they're a great company," he said. "I would definitely consider working [at Samsung] if there was a good role for me."

In case you're wondering, his emails stated they were sent from an iPhone.

By CNBC's Eli Langer