CCTV Script 07/08/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on August 7, Thursday.

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The death toll from the Ebola outbreak has risen to 932...

With 108 new cases reported over the weekend.

The World Health Organization has started a 2-day meeting to figure out what to do.

Louisa Bojesen spoke to Professor Jimmy Whitworth, Head of Population Health of Wellcome Trust... and asked him why this is so out of control.

[Jimmy Whitworth / Head of Population Health, Wellcome Trust]

A:I think that we are at an unprecedented situation at the moment. There have been Ebola outbreaks before; they have been controllable, using standard public health measures. So- limiting contact, contact tracing, identifying cases. Good care. This really isn't working at the moment in the West African outbreak. It's been going on for more than six months.

And if anything, it's expanding rather than coming under control.

Q: So why is that? Is that because the health officials are treating it differently? Or it's a different strain? I mean, how, why is it different from past outbreaks?

A: I think there are two reasons. One is, I don't think the public health control measures are actually being implemented as strongly as they should be. But I think fundamentally, I think the problem is that we haven't got the good public engagement and involvement for this. So we don't have the population supporting and actually complying with the control.

Q: So when we hear of outbreaks like this, then some might argue that it begs the question if we should be using more experimental drugs to see if we can somehow get a grip on the epidemic.

A: Yes, and indeed, we at the Welcome Trust very much agree with that and we are calling for more tests of experimental medicines and vaccines to be used for these epidemics.

Q: Although also you distinguish between finding a cure and preventing- that it is better to prevent in the first place?

A: It is, yes and I think in the context of the current epidemic, it's unlikely that experimental drugs or therapies are going to be able to control this epidemic.

Q: How long do you think that this outbreak will last? I mean is there any indication at the moment?

A: Well if I'm thinking optimistically, I would hope that in 2-3 months we might be turning the corner and seeing this controlled. But at the moment we still seem to be quite a long way from achieving that.

Q: And, it's a difficult point in also figuring out what should the international response be, I mean can the international community do more? And what does doing more mean?

A: That's a difficult one. I think the key people who need to be involved are the national governments where the epidemics are occurring. Really need to show leadership here. And also the World Health Organization needs to make sure it is showing the necessary leadership and coordination that is necessary for that. Then I think the global community can get behind those agencies. But without that their leadership, it's very difficult.

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