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10 countries that may be hit hard by climate change

A home destroyed by bushfire as seen on October 21, 2013 in Winmalee, Australia.

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10 countries that may be hit hard by climate change

U.S. President Barack Obama pushed climate change up the global agenda last month, with his offer of $4 billion in government loans for projects that avoid or reduce greenhouse gases.

This move and others reflect a growing acceptance in Washington, and around the world, that global warming exists and will hamper economic growth unless combated. The OECD, for instance, forecasts annual damages from climate change will knock 1.5-4.8 percent off the global economy by the end of the century.

The economic hit will not be equal across countries however. Floods, typhoons, droughts and landslides all take a heavier toll on poorer countries with fewer infrastructures to cope, and where the majority of the populace still work on the land.

With that in mind, click below to see which places could be worst affected by climate change—both environmentally and economically.

—By CNBC's Katy Barnato

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