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Just how many vacations has Obama taken?


Once again, President Barack Obama's annual family vacation to Martha's Vineyard has become a target for critics.

Some argue that this trip, coming on the heels of an announcement of military action in Iraq, gives the impression that he is detached "as the world burns," according to Yahoo News.

However, CBS News Correspondent Mark Knoller, who has chronicled presidential data since the mid-90's, uses the word "vacation" loosely and always in quotations, noting that presidents can never make a clean break from their job and often must work even during scheduled retreats.

Knoller revealed that Obama has spent less "vacation" time than his predecessor, George W. Bush. As of Aug. 12, 2014, Obama has taken 20 "vacations" affecting all or part 129 days. In the comparable period, Bush had taken 58 trips for all or part of 381 days.

— By CNBC staff