New company ‘will be coveted,’ says Cramer

Every now and then a company is so strategic, so likely to leverage forthcoming trends, its stock becomes a holding that pros want to keep on their sheets, no matter what the market does.

It doesn't happen all that often, but Cramer fully expects it to happen when the reorganized Kinder Morgan begins to trade as a single corporation.

As Cramer noted on Monday, CEO Rich Kinder recently announced plans to consolidate three associated companies into Kinder Morgan Inc., abandoning the MLP structure he helped pioneer, and instead reorganizing as a traditional corporation. "Kinder believes he can make shareholders more money by consolidating everything into one non-MLP company that can more efficiently use its capital to make acquisitions or invest in building new pipelines," Cramer said.

On Thursday, Cramer revisited developments, this time looking at the opportunity for long-term investors, because, over time, he thinks it could be substantial. "I believe shares of the new company will be coveted by almost every single growth and value money manager out there," Cramer said.

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
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Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Part of Cramer's enthusiasm stems from Kinder Morgan's expected dividend next year of $2. "As compared to rivals, the new Kinder Morgan, "will be one of only ten companies in the S&P 500 with over $75 billion in market capitalization with a dividend greater than three percent and a dividend growth greater than five percent," Cramer explained. "And Rich Kinder has pledged to grow the dividend by ten percent a year and do so without putting any real pressure on the balance sheet."

That Cramer said will put the new Kinder Morgan in the company of General Electric, Chevron, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, Cisco, McDonald's, AbbVie and Altria, the other S&P 500 companies that fit the criteria.

And Cramer says, looking at fundamentals, Kinder-Morgan is facing far more opportunity than almost any other company listed above.

"Chevron just missed its estimates and isn't growing production like it used to. Coca- Cola has almost no revenue growth whatsoever. McDonald's seems to be in secular decline, General Electric just made an acquisition that the market wished it hadn't made. Abbvie is relying on a tax inversion for earnings growth that could be wiped out any day now, and Procter & Gamble hasn't done anything in years," Cramer said. And, he added, some pros will stay away from the tobacco companies, simply because they're sin stocks.

By comparison, Kinder Morgan's strategic pipelines, state of the art terminals, and its access to oil rich areas of the nation, all present fundamental tailwinds.

"Although Kinder's got the largest pipeline network in the country, it isn't nearly big enough. In fact, there's plenty of growth for many years to come. And with each new pipeline should come bigger profits and, as a result, bigger dividends."

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Cramer feels confident that the Street is well aware of Kinder Morgan's strategic advantage outlined above. And he thinks money managers will hit the buy button.

"Rich Kinder is a genius,"Cramer said. By rolling up three MLPs into a new Kinder Morgan Inc., "he has come up with a different security that embraces what this market wants most; growth with income. Kinder Morgan will be coveted."

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