Smokin' hot ... and still green: Tim Love's The Woodshed

Tim Love's The Woodshed: Don't call it barbeque
Tim Love's The Woodshed: Don't call it barbeque

The Woodshed is a 14,000-square-foot open-air restaurant that hugs the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas. It's all about one thing: wood.

"Thousands and thousands of pounds of wood circle the whole restaurant," chef and restaurateur Tim Love of CNBC's "Restaurant Startup" said. "We use six different kinds of wood here…on the menu it specifically says what type of wood you're ordering from, so the pork ribs, it may be with pecan. Our smoked brisket, it may be with hickory…. Our rutabaga squash is with oak."

Tim Love, of CNBC’s Restaurant Startup at his restaurant “The Woodshed.”
Source: CNBC

His favorite part of the restaurant is the smokehouse.

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"We use mostly vertical smokers here, which means it has a side firebox," he said. "All of the cooking relies on the smoke rising, as opposed to carrying off to the side."

One of the Woodshed's most unique aspects is its reliance on renewable energy. Despite Texas temperatures that routinely hit triple digits in the summertime, the Woodshed has no air conditioning, yet it feeds approximately 1,200 people every day. According to Love, it's the restaurant's proximity to the Trinity River that keeps the dining environment pleasant.

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"We capture all of the air that flows off the river, channel it…and push the air through the restaurant using big-ass fans," he said. To keep the environment pleasant in other ways, the Woodshed also has a kids' menu, a pets' menu, outdoor pingpong and live music.

"The whole place is built around having fun," he said. "So obviously you've got great food, but the goal here is to have fun every day."

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