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Cramer's top charity holding may surprise you

Cramer: Google had remarkable run since IPO
Cramer: Google had remarkable run since IPO

It's a position of distinction that can be held by only one stock.

As CNBC celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the company's IPO, Cramer said, "Google remains the largest position in my charitable trust."

Cramer has been a fan of Google since the day it went public. "I remember being interviewed at one point when Google was at about $100 saying that I thought it could double rather quickly because the opportunity was so great. Instead, Google tripled in slightly more than a year's time. I was way, way too conservative."

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Over the past 10 years Google has generated returns just slightly under 1,000 percent. Cramer has often said the advance reflects the company's vision and execution, as it set out to dominate Internet search.

Going forward, Cramer sees every reason to believe Google will thrive for some time to come.

Not only does Cramer believe that Google is in early stages of leveraging YouTube, he also believes the shift to mobile presents significant opportunity for the company.

Also, Cramer believes Google is in the sweet spot as more and more advertisers turn to the Internet. "Just today, Home Depot said it planned to shift up to 36 percent of its ad budget online." Some of that will likely flow to Google.

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In addition, Cramer believes Google intends to monetize what he calls "all the other weapons in its arsenal" referring to its many acquisitions including thermostat company Nest, restaurant review giant Zagat and others.

And, on top of all that, Cramer says Google has a knack for attracting great talent. "It's the NFL of brains and every young person I know believes that," he said. Therefore Cramer thinks the potential for some kind of unknown, transformative development is squarely in play.

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All told, Cramer sees significant potential. Given the talent pool, the opportunities presented by acquisitions, the increase in online advertising, the possibilities of Youtube and the shift to mobile, upside could be significant.

"That's why, even up here, I remain steadfast in my support of Google and why it remains the largest position in my charitable trust."

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