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These restaurant items cost only $1

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Taco Bell

The fast food giant's latest spin on the dollar menu offers 11 itemsranging from a chicken-and-cheese quesadilla to triple-layer nachos.

The menu replaces the company's previous three-tiered value menu, called the Why Pay More menu that offered items for 79, 89 or 99 cents.

This means that some items rose in price.

Still, Taco Bell's Brandt said its previous Why Pay More menu "existed in name only" at these prices in many stores.

Its new dollar menu, though, has been embraced by virtually all franchisees, he added.

"What we really tried to do with Dollar Cravings is there were items that people really wanted, and we weren't just trying to trade them up," Brandt said.

Despite high beef and cheese prices, none of these items are loss leaders, he added.

Taco Bell