Sony's white-knuckled weekend

Sony PlayStation is back online today after a cyber attack took it down during the weekend.

A Twitter user claimed responsibility for the attack and stated it was meant to pressure the company to spend more of its profits on the network.

This wasn't the first time Sony experienced a cyber security breach. In 2011, PlayStation was down for more than a month and personal data for 77 million accounts were exposed. Sony said on its blog that personal data was not taken of any of its 53 million users this time around.

Sony PlayStation hacked

The scale of harm was greatly reduced versus the 2011 attack, according to Alice Truong, staff writer at Fast Company. "This time (Sony) worked a lot faster, it was a lot more transparent with users, and the information that was accessed wasn't nearly as damning as last time," Truong said.

Coinciding with the breach, Sony's online entertainment president, John Smedley, was on a plane that was diverted because of a bomb scare.

The same group that claimed to hack its online services sent a tweet from their account to American Airlines saying Smedley's flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to San Diego had explosives on board.

After being diverted, passengers made their way to San Diego safely.

By CNBC's Christina Medici Scolaro.