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Who are the richest members of Congress?

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Richest members of Congress

These five people all possess riches numbering in the tens of millions of dollars or more, making them the richest members of Congress, according to data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.

To tabulate each legislator's net worth, the CRP takes data from financial disclosure forms that members of Congress are required to file every year. But senators and representatives are required to report only ranges for the values of their assets, not exact figures. For example, one representative has stock in Ford Motor that totaled anywhere from roughly $2,000 to $30,000. Therefore, the CRP came up with three numbers based on these estimates: a possible minimum and maximum amount, and an average of the two. The CRP bases its ranking on that average. We have listed all three. The rankings are based on the average estimated net worth.

These numbers also do not necessarily include a lawmaker's primary home or vacation spots, according to a blog post on the CRP's website. Unless they collect rent on these properties, lawmakers are exempted from reporting these as assets, even if they are worth millions.

Thus these are estimates at best. But they provide an illuminating look into how wealthy many of the country's top political leaders are. The figures are from 2012, the most recent year available from CRP's data crunching. Click ahead to see who's the richest of them all.

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Posted Aug. 28, 2014

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