New England: Cradle of the Revolution... and Bad Drivers?

Drivers beware on New England roads! Five of the region's cities rank in the Top 10 worst in the country for accidents, according to Allstate Insurance Co.

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In Worcester, Massachusetts, the average driver goes just 4.3 years between collisions, compared to the national average of about every 10 years. Drivers need only cruise about 40 miles east to find the second-worst city: Boston.

The 10th annual "Allstate America's Best Drivers Report," is based on the insurer's claims data and ranks America's 200 largest cities in terms of car collision frequency.

Springfield, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; and New Haven, Connecticut, make up New England's contribution to the worst 10 list.

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The best? Fort Collins, Colorado. It marks the fourth time it took the honor of being "America's Safest Driving City." The average driver there will experience an auto collision every 14.2 years. Second is Brownsville, Texas, followed by Boise, Idaho, Kansas City, Kansas, and Huntsville, Alabama.

By Mike Strong, NBC News