A look at Modi and Abe’s Twitter bromance

Narendra Modi's Twitter feed

One look at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Twitter feed and that of Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe and you'd think they were long lost pals.

The last few days have seen a stream of tweets from Modi – who is currently on his five-day Japan tour – and Abe, professing their mutual admiration.

This is the first major foreign visit by the Indian leader since he took the helm in May.

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"Very enjoyable to have dinner together with PM Modi last night," Abe tweeted on Saturday from Kyoto – the first stop on Modi's visit.

"Looking forward to seeing PM Modi again in Tokyo tomorrow." he added. Modi is among the four people Abe follows on Twitter.

And the love was by no means unrequited.

Words can't describe PM @AbeShinzo's great hospitality. It indicates his special affection for India & his strong faith in India-Japan ties.

Judging by their enthusiasm, Modi's visit to Japan has fortified economic and security ties between the countries.

"Both of us are very optimistic about scripting a new chapter in the strong bond between India & Japan, which will benefit our nations," Modi tweeted.

"Here's to a long-lasting friendship b/w our two countries," the Government of Japan responded on its Twitter page.

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Strengthening ties between New Delhi and Tokyo come amid growing concern over China's ascendancy and increasing assertiveness in defense of its national interests.

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The two leaders agreed on Monday to strengthen defense ties and accelerate talks on the possible sale of an amphibious aircraft to India's navy - likely to become Japan's first overseas military sale in nearly 50 years. They also announced an agreement on the manufacture and supply of rare earth chlorides, a key element of defense industry components and hi-tech wares, by India to Japan.

There were signs of on increasing economic cooperation too, with Japan vowing to double investment in India over the next five years to a total of 3.5 trillion yen ($33.6 billion).